Transport double drivers

Most trucks and delivery vans are equipped with an extra passenger seat, in the transportation of goods there’s not really a need for that. Unfortunately for the hitchhikers along the road we do use this seat with the transport double drivers option. This is a method in which two drivers take turns driving the same vehicle. Not only does this increase the speed of delivery, it is also a safer method of transportation for valuable goods.

Two drivers, fast transport

The rules and regulations for drivers regarding working hours and resting times have become more strict over the last few decades. Not only has this led to better working conditions for drivers, it had also made the roads a safer place. But unfortunately it has negatively impacted the speed of transport in some instances, with transport double drivers we have found a practical solution for this problem. By switching between two professional drivers during the journey, each person can drive up to ten hours daily, allowing the vehicles to travel far greater distances every day. This way we can offer fast transport with a 48 hour delivery by truck across Europe, and even a 24 hours delivery using a delivery van.

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Safe transportation with double drivers transport

At Kimro Transport B.V. we pay considerable attention to safe transportation. For the drivers, the other people in traffic and for the goods that are transported. Take for instance the valuable goods, the longer a vehicle is parked in a quiet place or on the side of the road, the greater the risk of problems. With double drivers transport the vehicles can stay on the road longer, less time is spend in high risk areas and the total travel duration is lowered significantly.

Efficient transportation by Kimro Transport B.V.

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