Refrigerated transport

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The climate can vary wildly among European countries, from the northern Scandinavian countries up to the southern countries such as Spain and Portugal. When you have to transport perishables or medication across large distances, the reliable refrigerated transport of Kimro Transport B.V. is your best choice. By utilizing a combination of modern equipment and optimal planning we can transport a wide range of sensitive products at the correct temperature.

Each product is unique, for custom solutions you can always contact Kimro Transport B.V.

Fresh from origin to destination

From Swedish meatballs up to Spanish Paella, the ingredients in local dishes often originate from various countries. In order to guarantee the freshness of goods the use of reliable refrigerated transport is of the utmost importance. Aside from the risk of losing investments, there are also strict rules and regulations regarding the transportation of perishable goods. Aside from food products this also applies to medication. These should often be transported under controlled conditions. At Kimro Transport B.V. we have all the required tools to transport vulnerable goods to their final destination under optimal conditions. For instance climate control and temperature control. It’s even possible to combine loads with different temperature requirements.

Fast transport and faster transport

Speed is of the utmost importance in order to make sure perishables reach their destination completely fresh. Apart from the methods used during refrigerated transport the speed is also an important factor. With our trucks we are able to drive across Europe within 48 hours, with a delivery van we can even reach every desired destination within 24 hours. We won’t collect speed tickets with our high speed transport, we just use a very efficient planning and if required we make use of double drivers for refrigerated transport.

We keep it cool throughout Europe

Kimro Transport B.V. is the premier logistics company for Europe. That said, we specialize in the transport from and to the southern countries of Spain and Portugal. Especially for refrigerated transport regarding warm countries there’s no better partner than Kimro Transport B.V.

Want to know more about our methods?

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