Storage and transshipment


The logistical chain of transport, storage and transshipment can be very complex, the chain is as strong as the weakest link. Kimro Transport B.V. is not only capable of transporting goods from A to B, we can also provide the necessary services for storage and transshipment. Furthermore we also conduct crossdocking services, creating a perfect workflow in the logistical process.

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Storage, transshipment and crossdocking

Before goods arrive at the final destination they often pass through many intermediate locations. It is very important that every step on the way is coordinated effectively and conducted from a central body. At Kimro Transport B.V. we not only keep our eyes on the road, but also on the entire logistical chain. These are the duties we can provide throughout Europe:


  • Storage: During the transport of goods it can be required to store them temporarily before further transportation. This provides a challenging logistical process that can be placed with confidence in the hands of the Kimro Transport B.V. professionals.
  • Transshipment: During transshipment the (packaged) goods will be transferred from one type of transportation to another type of transportation or location. From a boat to a train for instance, or from a train to a truck. Kimro Transport B.V. is able to conduct this process and we can take care of all the paperwork in order to ensure the goods are handled correctly, and arrive at the correct destination.
  • Crossdocking: There are situations in which the goods will arrive at one location and will be subsequently transported further. With crossdocking we will make sure all goods are collected and transported together for the remainder of the journey. By working conscientiously under supervision of Kimro Transport B.V. no goods will be left behind.

More control, less costs

Transportation of goods within Europe is conducted by land, by sea and by air, over the waters and railroad. To conduct everything is a time consuming operation for suppliers and issues may arise. Kimro Transport B.V. is an experienced company regarding storage, transshipment and crossdocking. We will gladly take these worries from our clients based on competitive rates.

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