High speed transport

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There are various situations in which high speed transport is not an option, but a necessity. Take for instance perishables, flowers and plants or medicine. If fast delivery is required, Kimro Transport B.V. is the logistical partner you can rely on. Not only are we able to drive to any location in Europa within 48 hours, using a delivery van we can even deliver goods within 24 hours. It doesn’t matter what type of goods it may concern, from boat parts to medication, the possibilities are virtually endless. If there’s no time to lose, the high speed transport of Kimro Transport B.V. offers the solution.

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Within 48 hours by truck

The advantage of transportation by truck is the large load capacity, the speed is often not as important. However, there are situations in which there’s not only the need for volume, the shipment also has to arrive quickly. In that case you can always count on high speed transport by Kimro Transport B.V.. We are able to reach any destination in Europe from every starting point. For these types of assignments a clear and efficient manner of communication is crucial. Our support staff is ready to make sure your shipment gets there in time.

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Within 24 hours by delivery van

If two days is still not fast enough, we are able to offer a delivery time within 24 hours using our delivery van. Now that’s really fast transport! Obviously we can’t ship the same volume using a delivery van, it remains the ideal solution for many types of goods including fresh goods, flowers and plants or medicine.

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Double drivers

The secret behind the high speed transport that Kimro Transport B.V. offers is our double drivers solution. By using two professional drivers that can change seats we waste less time in breaks and stops. This way we can still comply with all rules and regulations whilst maintaining safety and optimal working conditions for our drivers. This is how we make the difference in high speed transport throughout Europe.

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