International transport

Europe is a beautiful patchwork of countries and cultures with each their own unique traits, and also on occasion with their specific peculiarities and challenges. No matter how much they try to standardize things in Brussels, the borders between the countries remain tangible. That’s great for our cultural diversity, but for international transport within Europe this can certainly provide some challenges along the way. Fortunately Kimro Transport B.V. has all the required knowledge to lead the way in international transport, with snow tires if required!

Kimro Transport B.V. offers reliable international transport to all corners in Europe. To which destination can we bring your shipment? Contact us for the possibilities and rates.

Professional transport in Europe

There isn’t a continent in the world that offers such diversity in culture on such a small scale like we find in Europe. Once you cross the border from The Netherlands to Belgium or Germany you can actually feel the difference on the highway. With international transport there are more issues apart from the quality of the roads, there are also different rules and regulations, and various languages are spoken. Kimro Transport B.V. can rely on an extensive network of contacts in order to transport goods with confidence throughout the entirety of Europe.

Fast transport within 24 hours

If you need to transport flowers and plants, perishables or medication, every minute counts. That’s why we offer 48 hour service by truck, and even 24 hour service by delivery van throughout Europe! Fast transport is possible thanks to our double drivers service, two chauffeurs work in conjunction so important shipments can be transported across Europe.

International transport to Spain, Portugal and France

For us a trip to Scandinavia is hardly a challenge, still we prefer the more southern countries in Europe. Based on our extensive experience in Portugal and Spain we are able to provide superior international transport to our customers. And when we are driving from and to the south it’s no big deal to make a brief stop in France.

For international transport across Europe Kimro Transport B.V. is the partner in logistics that you can rely on. Contact us for all destinations and our custom solutions.

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