Transport to France

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Kimro Transport B.V. offers international transport all over Europe. Still, there is an area is which we offer additional services; the south of Europe. For transport from and to Spain, Portugal and France we offer a wide range in logistical services among which; groupage transport to France, valuable goods transport to France, coordination of storage and transshipment to France, and the shipment of perishables including vegetables and fruit, meat and fish and also medication. All these services and more are available in the region of France.

For professional and reliable transport to France, Kimro Transport B.V. is the logistical partner you are looking for. Contact us today!

Specialized transport to France

We transport many goods from and to Spain and Portugal, France is often part of our route. That’s the reason Kimro Transport B.V. gladly offers our services in the region. We know the traffic, the people and we have build an extensive network of contacts. Besides the information on this page you can also visit the general pages regarding our international transport services:

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  1. Groupage transport to France: In many cases various shipments from different clients can be transported together. With groupage transport we can work efficiently for lower costs.
  2. Refrigerated transport to France: With perishables the control in temperature is crucial. Apart from the climate control in our vehicles we can also transport products with two different temperatures in the same vehicle.
  3. Valuable goods to France: We often transport valuable goods that are prone to theft, apart from industry standard security the speed of transportation is also important. Kimro Transport B.V. offers various options for secure shipments.
  4. Storage and transshipment to France: Because there are so many logistical challenges within the complete route, we also offer solutions for storage and transshipment, and also crossdocking services. This allows us to control the entire chain.
  5. High speed transport to France: For us France is basically around the corner, not only can we deliver across Europe by truck in 48 hours or less, with our delivery van we are able to deliver within 24 hours thanks to double drivers transport.